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Montreal, Canadá2 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
abr. de 2024 • Amigos
We booked a tour named Cuba aromas, we went visiting a farm in the mountain, they had a bit of everything like tobacco! We went horseback riding, visited Moron city, went to eat at a ranch style restaurant, visited a crocodile farm and did speedboat!! Ended the tour with the best Pina colada in the world. Our tour guide, mama Lizbeth, was very informative and cared for each one of us like her own kids.
That was a very long ride but worth every minute!
I could only say to y'all who's thinking about taking this tour, bring water, little bit of food and a hat!!
Enjoyed this experience a lot!! Thanks to Lizbeth and Daniello our bus driver for this full day tour.
Escrita a 26 de abril de 2024
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Alexandra R
6 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
abr. de 2024 • Amigos
Mama Lizbeth and Danielo were just amazing guiding us through 'Aromas Tour " it was a beautiful way to see the lifestyle of the locals ❤️ they were very heartwarming and informative. Totally recommand! To fully enjoy the ride, bring snacks! 🥰
Escrita a 26 de abril de 2024
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X121 contributos
4,0 de 5 bolhas
fev. de 2024 • A sós
Nexus is Sunwing. If you have any questions, look at the representative guide at the resort

I did
1) Cuba: sugar, cigar & rum: Long day (nearly 11am). Return stops often take an hour, depending on where you are. Very reasonable price. On the other hand, the stops are more or less interesting (apart from the 1st). The shops are tiny, which makes it impossible to all be there at the same time. Lots of demand for solo time in Moron. In short, ok but nothing more

2) Nexus Sunset Cruise – Cayo Coco. Very pleasant. Our 2 guides were funny and kind. Music, open bar, langoustine or chicken. A nice 3-4 hours outside. On the other hand, no guarantee on the beauty of the sunset... you still need the weather that goes with it. I recommend.
Escrita a 16 de fevereiro de 2024
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

Waterloo, Canadá249 contributos
2,0 de 5 bolhas
dez. de 2023 • Casais
We booked the catamaran day in December, and were told by both Sunwing on the flight, and the Sunwing rep at the hotel, that it included lunch on shore at the marina. Great, we were excited for our day. The weather was quite windy and the ocean was really rough, which is not the fault of the crew, they did a great job even if we couldn't actually snorkel. We then went to the sandbar way off shore and were able to swim there, even though it was rough. The drinks were great and the music and atmosphere made for a super fun day. If that was it, I would rate 5 stars. The issue is that coming back in we docked at the dolphinarium, and our lunch was in the restaurant there. We had to walk past the pens and witness the soul crushing sight of those amazing sentient creatures being forced to pull ignorant humans around the pens. I could barely walk through, tears running down my face. It absolutely ruined an otherwise great day. Dolphins should not be in captivity, forced to perform, and we should not be forced to support this 'business' without our consent and prior knowledge that this is where the meal takes place. I still feel sick about it. So be warned, anyone with a heart that has taken the pledge to not support dolphin captivity, do not book this excursion. And Nexus tours, do better! Many other tour companies have stopped selling tickets for this abusive entertainment.
Escrita a 1 de janeiro de 2024
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1 contributo
1,0 de 5 bolhas
dez. de 2023 • Família
Garbage company, and this was the recommended company by my hotel The Royalton Riviera (also terrible).

They clearly only provide airport transfers as an excuse to try and sell you on tours. They called multiple times to try and upsell me on tours and also made me confirm details multiple times before the trip, again to try and sell me a tour.

When it finally came time to go to the airport from the hotel, we waited more than an hour past my confirmed time before someone would actually drive us. Meanwhile multiple drivers from Nexus came to pick up people for the airport, and those drivers refused to look at my confirmation code. Their agents on the phone repeatedly said someone would be there in 10 minutes during multiple calls. Someone did eventually show up, but not without causing us a ton of stress with their lies and awful drivers.

Avoid for sure. We also price checked them compared to Xcaret tours and they were more expensive that going directly to the parks. Do not rely on them for anything.
Escrita a 27 de dezembro de 2023
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

5 contributos
3,0 de 5 bolhas
jan. de 2023 • Família
I enjoyed my catamaran seatour Nexus. The excursion was a pleasant experience.
I had to cancel my tour and rebook at a later date due to Covid, and I'm still waiting for my refund on credit card. They keep telling me it's coming, and it's been over a month. I'm remaining hopeful.
I booked my child from Canada and Nexus told me children under 6 are free. I did not have to pay for my child, however, when my sister booked the same tour in Cuba, Nexus charged her $55 per child. We argued it doesn't make sense to no avail. Oh well.
Escrita a 5 de março de 2023
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

Christine J
Orangeville, Canadá74 contributos
2,0 de 5 bolhas
dez. de 2022
This is specifically about the Sugar Rum and Cigar Tour. The lunch was great. The farm, sugar factory, boat ride in the mangroves all fun though extremely canned (and we have been on many canned Cuban tours and generally enjoy even though hokey).
However, the 'explore Moron' is a purposefully misleading lie. The bus drives through a beautiful central town square with amazing architecture and locals on bikes and horses. But the bus does not stop there. It drops tourists off on a barren town square whose (legit) attraction is a Gallo/Rooster statue. You are told you get 60 minutes to "explore Moron" but as soon as you step off the bus you realize you are being conned. There is nothing of interest as far as the eye can see, except the rooster. We were immediately heckled by a smattering of trinket vendors with the ubiquitous stuff. Trying to support them we attempted to at least buy a little something but the prices were oddly inflated and there was nothing we could be sure was not simply made in China. They were aggressive so we decided to walk to a park bench. Within 10 min we were beset by 3 separate beggars. 1. An elderly frail lady very close to the vendors and no doubt working in cahoots with them to induce tourist shame 2. a beggar asking for a series of things for 'my son' and eventually pulling out a handful of Canadian change looking for a $1USD in exchange 3. a polished 30-something man with a version of the con I have seen repeated elsewhere on Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. Basically he is waiting for the Gaviota Tourist Bus. He gives it a few minutes and then happens to casually be walking by and calls out "Hey Cayo Coco right? Canada?" smiling like a true friend. Sometimes apparently he recognizes the bracelet and actually names the hotel claiming to be a cook there and even recognizing the tourist 'from last night at the buffet'. In that case apparently he claims he wont be at work for awhile because his wife had a baby last night. And then all chatty with the congratulations he asks for a gift $$$ for the baby. All chatty saying "Canadians are the best, they never let us down!". In our case he claimed he was a cook but that he was not able to work for awhile because 'my wife has lupus' and after a long friendly chat asked for money because his wife is ill. Now, we don't mind beggars anywhere in the world. Begging is a human right and in Cuba currently, it is important to be as generous as one can. However, Nexus Tours billed the Moron stop as 'an hour to explore the beautiful Colonial City of Moron'. But they drive right past the beautiful Colonial City of Moron and drop you into a solid captive hour of 'Begging from Tourists Square'. If they had transparently billed it as 'an hour in Beggar Square', individual tourists would be able to decide whether to get off the bus for that particular Cuban experience or not. So now if you see the Gallo/Rooster statue, you can make your own decision.
Escrita a 8 de dezembro de 2022
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

4 contributos
1,0 de 5 bolhas
jun. de 2022 • Casais
The tour starting time was very good. Easily able to eat breakfast before the tour. And we had lots and lots of extra time as the driver (tour operator owner) was 45 minutes late because he did not check the scheduled time he told us.
Bottled water was provided.
Driver seemed pretty knowledgeable, but he seemed to have trouble seeing on the road. Every time he came to a curve or met a car he either yanked the wheel to avoid them. Or stomped the brakes. Or both. And they were on their own side.
He also repeated himself and gave the same story multiple times about the same location. Not expanding on the story. Just telling the same one again.
Now. We have been to this Island before. We have seen these places before. But we lacked the stories behind the locations and this was why we took the tour.
The locations were great. The basic story was ok. More time at the dockyard would have been nice.
The driver was was very polite.
The tour was just overpriced. The meal was good, local place so that was interesting. But $250.00 US for 2 people for a 6 hour tour was too much. Just hire a cab with a local driver and take a drive around the island and its tourist spots.
Low rating for overpriced, repeating the same story, and the late start which caused a bit of a rush at Nelson's Dockyard.
Escrita a 11 de julho de 2022
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

Hamilton, Canadá22 contributos
2,0 de 5 bolhas
dez. de 2019
We did three excursions though Sunwing. The Sunwing rep at our hotel was good; friendly and helpful. We did the Jeep Safari, Sugar, Rum and Cigar tour, and Deep Sea Fishing. Sadly the deep sea fishing was the best, not for the fish that you catch but the fact that you are out on the water on a nice boat in the sun and no one is trying to sell you anything. Booze was included. Try to book exclusive if you can otherwise you are sharing your line with 2-3 others, decreasing your chances of reeling in a fish. Same goes with Jeep Safari, unless paying extra for exclusive you will be stuck with strangers for the whole day and not every tourist speaks English. The Jeep Safari was OK but far too long and you spend most of your day in a bus to get away from the resort to the excursion area. Attractions were fairly lame, and constant pressure to buy stuff, even charged to pet a baby snake or alligator which should have been included in the tour price. We got into a potentially dangerous situation in Maron City whereby one of the locals conned us into giving him money for his newborn baby. We escaped unscathed but very scary experience and our tour guide did not seem to care about the situation. Avoid this city, there is nothing there, nothing to buy (except for all the same junky souvenirs that they sell everywhere else in Cuba), just unfriendly locals who seemingly hate tourists and give you the evil eye wherever you go. Not my idea of fun. Maron is a run down town in a third world country. Sugar, Rum and Cigar tour was the biggest amount of wasted time sitting on a bus primarily.
Escrita a 15 de maio de 2020
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

Robin C
Oliver, Canadá18 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
jan. de 2020
JP was Freindly, courteous, professional, and very informative, He was attentive to our concerns and had the solutions to make our stay most enjoyable. He is a valuable asset.
Escrita a 25 de janeiro de 2020
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

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