Black Sparrow Music Parlor

Black Sparrow Music Parlor, Taylor

Black Sparrow Music Parlor - Taylor

Black Sparrow Music Parlor - Taylor
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18:00 - 0:00
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3 avaliações
Muito bom

William Willner
Austin, TX99 contributos
fev de 2019 • A sós
ED the decor and the music was delightful. However we sat within ten feet of the bar for ten minutes with no service and eventually I had to yell, "hello!" to a bartender who was clearly annoyed at me interupting her. I made a drinking motion several times while she scowled at me, (she didn't bother coming out from behind the bar to see what I wanted,) before eventually yelling, "Do you have Shiner Bock!!" at which point she brought me one.

We waited for another 20 minutes while enjoying the thoroughly LOVELY music provided by some retired folks who were obviously true, die hard folk singers at heart, (seriously, they were LOVELY!!!) but weren't able to attract any attention to get another drink during that entire time.

I also noticed that several other guests had to get up from their seats and walk to the bar to get drinks, even though there were two bartenders AND the owner working and less than a dozen clients in the bar. At one point both working nbartenders were having a conversation with the same person at the bar not ten feet away from me, yet I still couldn't get even one of them to do their job and look up long enough to bring me another beer.

Finally I gave up. I put the money for my beer under the empty bottle, gestured enough to get the owner's attention, (she was busily engaged in her own conversation for 15 minutes,) pointed to the bottle and yelled, "The money's under it!" and left.

The bar itself has AMAZING character. It's the sort of place that you feel lucky to be able to settle into and enjoy live music.

However the service is so bad that you just feel like you aren't welcome. I would have enjoyed 3 or 4 more drinks during hte time that I was there, and I would have stayed a lot longer.

But I don't like being frowned at by a server after I have to beg for their attention. It feels like someone just recently bought the place, doesn't know how to run a bar and is letting her friends "help" by working there even though they have utterly no idea what customer service is.

I hope that they get some people with real bar experience in who leave their half hour personal conversations for when they're not working and who know how to make clients feel welcomed instead of like they are an imposition. Because the bar is AMAZING and the owner clearly wants to survive and thrive there.

I wish them luck.
Escrita a 1 de fevereiro de 2019
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Hello William, I am so sorry your experience with our bar staff was unpleasant. I think the misunderstanding was in this simple fact - we do not provide table service. At BSMP you order at the bar. Our staff on board that night all (even the owner) each have over 20 years experience in the service industry and we really pride ourselves on our service. Come again and have a Shiner on me. -Shannon Bagent
Escrita a 23 de janeiro de 2020
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Les W
Smithville, TX8 contributos
jan de 2018 • A sós
This is the ultimate listening room with homey, comfortable seating, a good sound system and now they even serve BBQ! All sorts of music here. Great place.
Escrita a 19 de abril de 2018
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Taylor, TX64 contributos
jul de 2017
When this "little bird" flew into town, she brought sweet music and magical times to our lovely town. I have enjoyed all of the music, especially the sweet harmonies and soulful ballads of Jake and Ryan. The atmosphere is old-school coffee-house with tables and chairs, sofas and armchairs and benches where your likely to run into a pair cuddling or a group with a sweet game of Spades. A good time is had by all and everyone is friendly!
Escrita a 20 de julho de 2017
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