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Great! Will use again
jul de 2014
Eu usei Jet Funn para alugar um barco-pontão por 4 horas com minha família. Foi Tudo ótimo! Eu estou em uma cadeira. Eles tinham muitas pessoas e não ofereceu qualquer ajuda que poderia oferecer-me no barco. Mais sobre isso mais tarde. 1.) atendimento ao Cliente: Todos foi educada, gentil e prestativo. Especialmente Kelly. Ela foi ótima. Eles levaram um tempo para explicar o barco, as águas e sim a hélice que todos parecem estar reclamando. Quaisquer perguntas que tivéssemos foram respondidas e que teve o seu tempo para ter certeza de que entendeu tudo. No que diz respeito à cadeira de rodas eles foram extremamente atenciosa e gentil. Eles saíram de seu caminho para ajudar com a carga e descarga. algo que eles não têm que fazer. 2.) O hélice questão: Há uma série de comentários reclamando sobre a hélice. Em Primeiro lugar as pessoas devem perceber se você alugar algo que é responsável por isso. Em seguida, explicaram-nos tudo claramente. Eles nos deram um mapa detalhado do lago e lugares para evitar. Compreendemos as taxas relacionadas com a mexer-se com antecedência. Tivemos o cuidado, seguido as regras da água e tinha absolutamente sem problemas em todos. Eles até mesmo dizer-lhe para tirar fotos de antes de o deixar o cais para antes e depois fotos para provar que você não bagunça algo para cima. Soa muito legal para mim e não sombra como outros já disseram. 3.) O preço total para nós por 4 horas era algo em torno de US$ 330 e que decorreu esse barco todo o caminho até o lago sul mais até o lago de canal até ao norte. Você tem que pagar para o gás que utiliza (usamos cerca de 10 galões) por isso acho que foi muito razoável. Em geral, a nossa experiência foi ótima com Jet Funn. Todos Nós ficamos satisfeitos com os funcionários e serviço ao cliente. O barco foi em grande forma e não "jinky". Ele foi impecáveis e ficou ótimo. Eu certamente vou usá-los novamente. Foi uma ótima experiência!

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39 avaliações
Muito bom

Elizabeth R
5 contributos
dez de 2021
Very bad, don't trust them!!! I thought i was the only one. I have same problem with trading companies. All of them don't agree on withdrawals and want to stake more from you. All my withdrawals were cancelled with various excuses. Never got a penny until i realized they don't want to give me my deposit back, i keep ringing and sent several emails but i got nothing back from them. Another tactic of theirs is that they keep convincing you to invest more money, don't fall for that. I was in the hospital being diagnosed of covid-19 and i couldn't follow up with the case until i was released. After i left the hospital i Liaised with my attorney for possible ways to get my money back, i was referred to a litigation firm which i will refer to anyone in the same box with this company to contact {btcinvestment at cyber- wizard dot com , they were very effective in getting my money back.
Escrita a 18 de dezembro de 2021
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Mindy S
4 contributos
ago de 2021
Run far far away. The pictures of the boats do NOT match what they're giving you. Cracked pieces, missing covers for the metal ladders resulting in scrapes and scratches. Not to mention the gas gage didn't work, tachometer didn't work, and they charged us $145.00 for a dent in the propeller that we absolutely did not cause. Rips in the seats and just overall a POS of a boat. Rent elsewhere! It's not worth it with these people.
Escrita a 9 de agosto de 2021
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

renata n
1 contributo
jun de 2021 • Família
Wow what a SCAM. We rented a pontoon boat for 4 hours. Right of the bet, we got a huge lesson on how the propellers can damage easily on shallow water. Sure enough, we got charged extra for propeller damage. I didn’t see the reviews before hand but I guess everyone gets charged for propeller damage. They paint the propeller and you can’t see that there is a small hole in it and once you come back, the paint rubs off and you got damage and you will be charged extra. We have rented boats many times in different places and never experienced such dishonesty. I am surprised they are still in business. I will never rent from this place again. FRAUDSTERS…very disappointing. The paint doesn’t dry yet and they are off to con the next person. BEWARE these SCAMMERS.
Escrita a 7 de junho de 2021
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Linson T
Arlington Heights, IL1 contributo
ago de 2020
Read many negative reviews, so we were bit hesitant to rent a wave runner. Staff were super friendly to us, check in and out process was just fine. we needed up renting a pontoon boat on following day. we had a great time. I guess issues happen when people ignore instructions and damage equipments as lake is shallow at many areas - easy to get in trouble!!
I don't hesitate to recommend Jet Fun.
Escrita a 6 de agosto de 2020
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Western Springs, IL9 contributos
jul de 2020 • Família
Very mediocre. Only rent from this place as a last resort and be careful with your expectations.

On the plus side, Jet Funn had a working boat that was available to rent when no other local marina did. When I say working, I mean the basics, it floated and had an engine. Many of the gauges did not work, including fuel and the boat was very beat up. Lots of scatches and dents, torn upholstery and generally dirty. Looking around the marina, it seemed like our rental was in similar condition to the rest of their fleet.

The office staff was fine. The dock staff was friendly.

The check-in process seemed long with a lot of emphasis on potential damage to the boat that we would have to pay for if it occurred. At the end of check-in, they gave us a map of the lake, which I thought was nice.

As I said, the boat worked, but was not a deluxe experience of any kind. We were able to pull the kids on a tube and they had fun. Without Jet Funn, our family would not have has this experience.

When we returned the boat, another long process and they tried to charge us $20 for the map they handed us, seemingly as a courtesy, during check-in. I know a lot of people are talking about the propeller scam, but I was more appalled at trying to get $20 for a map! When they offered it, there was no mention we had to pay if we did not return the map. In fact, we almost tossed it before we came into the office and the end of the day. Glad we did not.

We did not get hit for propeller damage, but I did take a lot of pictures to document the poor condition of the boat before we left. Perhaps this is why we were sparred.

This company would not be my first choice to rent from again. You will not get a superior product for the price. Beware of extra charges.
Escrita a 30 de julho de 2020
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Channahon, IL14 contributos
jun de 2020 • Família
We have only rented a boat a few times prior to renting here, and I have to say that the process and experience were fantastic! I spoke with Kevin to rent the deck boat, and was explained everything in great detail. When we arrived, everyone was pleasant and super friendly and helpful. All fees were clearly stated. Our deck boat was older and only had a radio. They brought us out a Bluetooth speaker so we could listen to music! We had a grill, and knew that we could not grill on the boat, so we came back to the dock to cook out! We had family on another boat, and the staff was so helpful and brought us out chairs and had a picnic table set out for us. Talk about customer service!!
I have read other reviews, and am surprised at them. When we come back, we will definitely rent through them again. Thank you for an unforgettable day out on the water!
Escrita a 7 de junho de 2020
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Rasta Nuts
1 contributo
jun de 2019
This place is a scam to work or rent for, save your money in the long run and check out a different marnia along the chain.
Escrita a 19 de setembro de 2019
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Raqi B
1 contributo
jul de 2019 • Família
** Don't fall for the boat propeller scam.** They paint the propellers black so no matter what they look like they have been damaged but all that really happened was the paint was rubbed off. Rented a 16 person pontoon. Got about 10 mins out the lake the motor cut off on us and made a loud alarm noise. At that point I notice the gas gauge was pointed on E. Called the front desk and explained to the lady our issue she said that the boat was not out of gas and that we would be okay. After turning on and off the boat we would move about every 30 mins the motor would stop and continue to make the same loud noise as the wheel would start to shake. Called the front desk many times their concerned was about the 2nd party waiting for the boat so that they would not lose out on money not the safety of 16 humans. It took Kevin over an hour to find us on the lake. He made a stop to help our other party that had the same issues with a fish boat, and then came to find us. After returning to the dock from this awful experience, we were shocked to discover that we would be charged for the following….."$300" 3-hour boat ride ended up costing us a total of $1000! Plus the cops where called. The customer service is horrible they were rude and had a real slick mouth and kept rolling their eyes at you every moment they could switching their story to the police. At one point I had it with them and exchanged the same energy back. Kevin followed us with a clip board of false charges. They wanted to charge us for two -4 hour pontoon boat, wave runner, damage to the boat and the propellers because they had seaweed on them. We had one Pontoon but they thought we should pay for the lost of the other party. We didn’t get a chance to use the wave runner and we never damaged a boat that was already damaged from the moment we took off with it and as for the seaweed that was out of our control.
I have 16 witnesses. Reached out to a couple of the most recent one star review people to follow through with a lawsuit and contacted the BBB.

DO NOT GO HERE. . IF THERE ARE ANY GOOD REVIEWS IT’S BECAUSE THEY OFFER YOU A DISCOUNT TO PUT A GOOD ONE UP FOR THEM! This place needs to be shut down immediately. Please don't make the mistake of falling for these scammers.
Escrita a 30 de julho de 2019
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Daggett N
2 contributos
ago de 2018 • Família
The staff was helpful and friendly. The check in process takes a few minutes so get there early. We rented a pontoon boat and it was
clean and well maintained. As we approached Blarney Island
we were boarded by Somali Pirates who brandished Kalashnikov
rifles and machetes. As they boarded our boat my son noticed
several of the pirates were wearing life jackets. Honestly, what kind of a self respecting pirate wears a life jacket? We immediately began chanting "Wussy!" in both Somali and Swahili. Not used to
this type resistance, the pirates left. We were later accosted by a
Krakken near Famous Freddies but escaped unharmed and
ended the day by swimming with several mermaids in Petite
lake. It was an evenful day, alcohol may have been a factor.
Escrita a 1 de outubro de 2018
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Fox River Grove, IL2 contributos
ago de 2018 • Família
This was our 12th rental over the past 7-8 years at Jett Funn. Rented a deck boat today. As usual, a great experience (and great weather). No complaints or issues, whatsoever.
Escrita a 23 de agosto de 2018
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

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