LSD Kiteboarding

LSD Kiteboarding, Rosses Point

LSD Kiteboarding - Rosses Point

LSD Kiteboarding - Rosses Point
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A fantastic experience in a wonderful location
fev de 2011
Antes de reservar um campo com LIRAS I Falou malcolm (principal instrutor) no duração sobre nossos requisitos. Como um usuário anterior I e meu amigo teve anterior land kiting experiência e malcolm que dizem que gostaria adaptar nossa aulas. Quando chegou nós se hospedaram no local o mesmo Rapazes e foi realmente nice. Quartos impecáveis, aconchegantes, grande e acolhedor. Após uma breve conversar sobre nossos antes da experiência e expectativas que que vão para praia, onde o instrutor Avaliada nossas habilidades muito rapidamente e animais para seguir para maior pipas e para a água. O hotel passou dois dias kiting com LIRAS e Aprendemos uma enorme quantidade. Quando a maré foi e não foi água, que foram todos os vez que queria utilizando seu buggies e nós nunca sentir que o eles foram observar o relógio ou de alguma forma não interessados. De fato, após um longo dia na água que ainda saídas para algumas entradas irlandesas autênticas com US à noite. Eu não hesite em recomendar LIRAS diversos spas, o Rapazes são entusiasmado e confiante instrutores obviamente são muito habilidosas combinações mas mais importante que têm muita paciência que foi necessário para tentar fazer me situado sobre uma!! Finalmente, outra coisa que devem ser mencionados é a localização. Praias enormes e a Água nunca Excedido um cofre de profundidade cintura altura. Estou já anseia por recebê-minha próxima sessão com LIRAS Kiteboarding.

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Muito bom

34 contributos
jul de 2019 • A sós
Awesome simple as that . And now I must pick in 100 characters to satisfy the site ...not enough yet ....
Escrita a 20 de julho de 2019
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Limerick, Irlanda12 contributos
A fantastic experience in a wonderful location
fev de 2011
Before booking a course with LSD I spoke to Eamonn (the main instructor) at length about our requirements. Like a previous reviewer both I and my friend had previous land kiting experience and Eamonn said he would tailor our lessons accordingly.
When we arrived we stayed in the guest house run by the same lads and it was really nice. Clean, Warm, Big and welcoming. After a brief chat about our prior experience and expectations we headed to the beach, where the instructor assessed our skills fairly quickly and allowed us to move on to larger kites and into the water. We spent two days kiting with LSD and we learned a huge amount. When the tide was out and there was no water, we were given all the time we wanted using their buggies and we were never made to feel that the guys were watching the clock or in any way not interested. In fact, after a long day on the water they still headed out for a few pints with us in the evening.
I would not hesitate in recommending LSD kitesurfing, the lads are enthusiastic and confident instructors who obviously are very skillful but most importantly they have lots of patience which was needed for trying to get me standing on a board!!
Finally, another thing that should be mentioned is the location. The beaches were huge and the water never exceeded a safe depth of about waist height.
I am already looking forward to my next session with LSD Kiteboarding.
Escrita a 24 de fevereiro de 2011
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London2 contributos
Good learning experience, really well looked after
I took a gang of six college friends up to Sligo to spend a weekend learning to kite and hang out in Bundoran and around the coast for a weekend last summer. None of us had kited before but had unnatural levels of natural enthusiasm. Peter and Eamon were excellent in talking us through what we would be doing, having the two days properly laid out so we knew what level we would expect to get to. They also knew how to deal with hungover novices! There can be a deceptive amount of power, even in a small kite, and it was a really good environment to learn how to control one. It helped that we had organised it a good bit in advance and they knew what levels we were at and what to expect and what to have prepared, so everything went smoothly for the two days.

The wind varied a bit but the transition from handling smaller kites on the beach to doing body drags and playing with the larger kites in the water worked really well. They were able to cope with some of us taking a bit longer to get the hang of it and still let the rest keep improving and trying new things. They were full of bright ideas how to get the most out of the conditions and the gear. The beach we were on was good too, as long as you make sure you get directions first. There were a few other kiters around but no-one got in each others way and LSD made sure we had space to make stupid beginner mistakes without killing anyone! Because we we would have otherwise, I can guarantee!

Even though we were just doing a two day introduction course, you could tell that the lads were serious kiters, if you wanted to improve and really step up a level I reckon they could get you there too. I also bought a small kite off them just for playing around with myself and have been very happy with what they recommended.

All in all, I have to recommend them. They were good relaxed lads who will make sure you get the most out of your time there and will really pay attention to how you are improving and give very useful instruction if you want it. It all depends on what you want out of it, if you just want to mess around while you get a feel for it, or to be more serious about it, I would still come back to LSD for sure as they have all the gear and experience you need, and knew the best beaches in the area to get the most out of the conditions . They had a ridiculous amount of gear in that van!
Escrita a 26 de maio de 2010
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Monkey Island43 contributos
Total Rip Off
I was looking for a company to provide kiteboarding lessons during a holiday in the West Coast of Ireland and found LSD from an internet search. I was quite impressed by their website and initial communications prior to booking were good. I explained to them my kite flying experience and explained that I was looking for a land based kiting lesson only, focussing on 4 line kites as that's what I owned myself and I'd already had some tuition. LSD advised that they were happy to cater for this.

At the time of booking, they were advertising a special offer of a 2 hour intro lesson for 60 euro or a 3 hour lesson for 110 euro. Given the large difference in price in relation to the time, I queried which would better meet my needs. LSD explained that the 2 hour lessons were really for total novices and would focus on small, 2 line kites. They recommended the 3 hour lesson as I'd get to fly larger 4 line kites and try out land boards and buggys too. I opted for the 3 hour lesson on this basis.

On the day of the lesson we met at Rosses Point easily as LSD had provided excellent directions. The beach itself was great, wide, clean and clearly a popular spot with power kiters and kitesurfers. We had a friendly greeting from LSD and were introduced to the rest of the group who were very sociable.

Down on the beach everything changed. We spent 2 full hours on the 2 line training kites and had very little in the way of tips or tuition from the instructors. We asked several times if we could try the 4 line kites as we felt ready to progress, but LSD came up with an array of excuses - the wind was currently too strong and they had no 4 lines small enough (I'd expect a company offering lessons to be fully stocked with equipment for all conditions) others in the group had damaged the 2 line kites by crashing them and they didn't want more expensive kites to get damaged (we hadn't crashed anything ourselves being slightly more experienced, but even still no damage had been caused deliberately and was surely something that companies need to expect and that this is factored in to the high cost of the lessons).

Eventually, when I reminded LSD that our sole reason for booking had been to get tuition on 4 line kites they reluctantly got out a kite for us to try but advised that they'd have no use for it after the lesson and they'd like us to seriously consider buying it. The whole time we were flying it I felt like I was an inconvenience and received no further tuition on how to fly it. We asked about the buggys and landboards and was told that we could try them but it would require a member of LSD to drive to collect them. When we eagerly accepted this offer it was met with despondence. A land board eventually appeared 15 minutes before the end of the lesson (no buggy) but when we asked for tips on how to ride it we were told they didn't know as they were kite surfers.

Overall, this was a hugely disappointing experience. The instructors just weren't interested in us and spent all their time focusing on the rest of the group who were continuing to a water based lesson in the afternoon. Whilst LSD are clearly more geared up for kite surfing than simply power kiting or kite boarding/buggying they understood our needs before we booked and advised that they could cater for them when they clearly couldn't. Given their equipment and experience in land based tuition a 2 hour taster lesson at 60 euro would have been far more appropriate. Instead, we paid 110 euro and LSD were unable to live up to their promises. It feels like I was told what I wanted to hear prior to booking so that I'd part with my money and once paid up they had no intention of delivering the service they'd committed to.

Overall, this experience was a huge disappointment and I feel that I was totally ripped off.
Escrita a 10 de janeiro de 2010
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Hi JayCeeMonKee, Many thanks for your review. We are really sorry our lesson wasn't up to the standard you expected. We will take your review on board and try to improve in the future. The day you had your lesson was a particularly windy one, and the weather was changing quickly throughout the day. This meant that we were not working with ideal conditions – but bad weather is a part of the sport and learning to deal with it is very important. Usually this means not putting up larger and more complicated kites. Before your lesson with us, you had had some experience on small power kites, and we discussed going back over the basics before we started the lesson. When we started the lesson, all students in the group were crashing the kites. It took you all a while to get the hang of things and this is a usual part of the lessons. The only way to learn is to spend time on the kites in a safe environment, and this is what we had to provide. One of the kites did get damaged by some of the other students, and we had a replacement ready to go soon after. Damaging kites does not bother us as we repair them in-house; our concern is damaging our students! Kitesurfing is a dangerous sport and our priority in the lesson is safety. For this reason, we did not move on to the 4 line kites sooner. These kites just don't come in the very small sizes needed for the high winds we had that day. When the wind died off towards the end of the session, we took out the 4 line kite and the landboard. I was reluctant to use them as it was still quite windy and in my professional opinion your kite skills were not yet advanced enough to safely use the board in those conditions. I do apologise for not having the buggy available on the day. When we were chatting in general, I thought you were interested in buying a kite and suggested the one we were using, but after talking more about your usual weather conditions back home I think I suggested something similar in a larger size. I am very sorry if you felt like I was pushing you to buy something you didn't want; this was never my intention. Once again, I regret that you had a bad experience with us. On the day, I think you both said that you had a good time and that you understood the weather constraints we were working with. I apologise for not realising that you were unhappy with the lesson and dealing with it at the time. I hope this hasn't turned you off the sport and that you are doing plenty of kiting back home. Kind regards, Peter
Escrita a 11 de fevereiro de 2010
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