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Sinai Trail - Saint Catherine
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2 avaliações
Muito bom

Ruairi M
Amã, Jordânia21 contributos
dez de 2021
We had a fantastic time with Ahmed from Sinai Trail just before Christmas when we did a two night three day trek from St Katherine. Ahmed was an excellent guide - very knowledgeable and extremely patient with our two boys (9 & 10 years) who had an endless stream of questions and stories for Ahmed from start to finish. The logistics (sorted by Nasser) from pick up to drop off in Dahab were very well organized and most importantly we really got to see some impressive sights and heights! For those wishing to do any portion of the trail in the next couple of months - bring some warm clothes and good sleeping bags. It gets very cold at night!
Escrita a 1 de janeiro de 2022
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Florença, Itália11 503 contributos
out de 2019
I learned about this fabulous initiative during a stay in Cairo at the beginning of 2019, and I immediately enthusiastically adhered to the idea of ​​participating in it, launched by a small group of friends.
This has been a challenge for me, because the last (and only) long-distance walk, which I made previously, dates back about 10 years ago; and time overall doesn't pass in vain. However, I prepared myself thoroughly, both as for the equipment, and for training (in the month previous to the the trek i took three walks of about twenty kilometers each). Everything finally went well, and indeed I can say that I arrived at the last stage in better physical conditions than I started (walking is healthy!).
Among the different itineraries that the organization foresees, we have chosen the #1 one, parallel to the Sinai east coast, which in twelve daily stages (and 190 Kms), from Ras Shetan (near Nuweiba) heads to Ein Kidd (not far from the Dahab - Sharm el Sheikh road): other of our traveling companions continued on to the next stretch, which reaches Saint Catherine and some of the highest peaks of the Sinai Peninsula.
Having returned home a few days ago, I can state that the experience was fabulous. For me, it will be one of the experiences that will deeply marked my life.
Here it's not a so-called "desert safari" (= 4 hours of riding here and there in off-road vehicles) or an evening with "Bedouin dinner", as advertised by tourism companies operating in coastal resorts and offering vacationers an alternative of a few hours to tan or to snorkeling: here you share - sleeping each in his own tent - for twelve nights and twelve days (or even fourteen, in the case of the longest stretch) the life of the Bedouins, who accompanied us, offered assistance, slept and walked with us; and at the same time you cross one of the most fascinating "mountain deserts" in Africa north of the Sahara, with its extraordinarily varied and exciting landscapes.
As reported on the organization's website, the decisive element for the creation of this initiative was the agreement reached between the eight Bedouin tribes of the south Sinai, on a "community project", aimed at organizing and maintaining the trail; agreement that has been promoted since the beginning by British citizen Ben Hoffler.
The community project aims to provide unconventional experiences to travelers, and at the same time to ensure through this path the preservation of the endangered Bedouin cultural heritage: practices, behaviors, traditional paths ... Both goals are worthwhile, and in my opinion both are fully achieved by the initiative. I was particularly struck one of the evenings in which, after dinner, around the fire, when we held our speeches with the Bedouin guides: one of them stated: “thanks to this initiative, we are rediscovering the paths traveled by our ancestors".
It's good to know that the journey is possible for all those who are in good physical condition (for example, there are no properly mountaneering experiences). But it's necessary anyway to be in good physical condition: for example, in the first stretch, you walk every day, on often rough terrain, for a distance of 8 to 21 Kms. per day. For this purpose Cristina, the group's team manager, carries out an accurate inquiry of the conditions of the participants, before accepting them
Escrita a 2 de novembro de 2019
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