Bleaker Island

Bleaker Island, East Falkland

Bleaker Island - East Falkland

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Stanley, Ilhas Malvinas345 contributos
Outstanding Accomodation in Cassard House
jan de 2021 • Família
Amazing visit! Cassard house was being used as self catering during the season. What a superb house, every room in en-suite and the conservatory is just awesome. The old cow shed is being used as an indoor BBQ, just perfect for uncertain Falkland Weather. We hired the farm Landrover to get about and see the huge abundance of wild life. Although it is really pleasant to walk when the weather is nice.
Escrita a 10 de janeiro de 2021
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Houston, TX1 521 contributos
Excellent self-touring! We saw alll 5 Falkland penguin species! Lovely lodging!
dez de 2019
Falkland Islands Holidays booked Bleaker as our second wildlife stay for our week long trip (the first was Pebble, which was guided and long days in a 4x4 with much distance between wildlife sites, but very enjoyable). We spent 2 nights here, so we had a full day, a half day on arrival, and a little time the morning we left. When we arrived on the grass landing strip, we were met by the owners who took us to the lodging..along the way showing us the location of their freshwater ponds with abundant birds, the white sand beach with several gentoo and magellanic colonies nearby, complete with 'penguin highway' where they are coming & going constantly, the shag colony, which can't be missed, you almost drive through it on the way in to the lodge as they've moved so close to the 'road'!

The lodge is lovely, we stayed in the cottage (we're 4) and it was nice to have our own space, the heating worked well, though we did have some problems with water temperature changes during showers, but all in all it was absolutely lovely and a very nice sleep...nice linens, nice toiletries (although the best toiletries we had were at Malvina Hotel...and full size refillable would probably work better at this location to reduce waste they have to deal with) Our cottage had a lovely solarium that was wonderful during the day and for watching the sunset, and the den and breakfast table were warmer once it got dark. We walked across the lawn for dinner, which was also very good with large portions and it was nice to have a soup as a starter! Packed lunches were provided each day and breakfast was cooked to order & continental...all very tasty and filling.

After we arrived and got settled, the owners' son, Nick, picked us up and took us to the sea lion/elephant seal colony nearby. He is an ecologist and recently tried a rat eradication program on the island which is already showing good results with the return of some smaller ground nesting birds. They are also replanting their grasses to increase the habitat. Nick was super friendly and helpful, knowledgable and interesting to talk to, and he even hosted everyone at his home Christmas Eve for mulled wine and mince pies! (sadly we were confused about the location, so we missed out and our daughter missed the mince pies much to her chagrin! lol!)

We rented a vehicle from the owners here, which we highly recommend if you have a short stay here and are here mainly for penguins like us, it let you maximize your time at the locations rather than spend it walking. All of the walking is easy, but it's windy, and the vehicle also provides shelter if anyone gets cold...or wants to take a nap like one of ours! We would spend the day at the penguin locations..the rockhopper colony is a short, easy walk, maybe 10-15 minutes from the lodge, there are also some magellanics nearby, and of course you'll walk right next to the shag colony. The sea lions and elephant seals were probably a 20 minute walk in another direction. The beach, used by magellanics & gentoo, was perfect for watching fancy gentoo beach landings and to see the penguins porpoising in the waves through the clear waters (also where we saw the lonely king), is the furthest walk, maybe 20-30 minutes. Definitely all doable if you're wearing the right clothing for wind/wet and have the time.

We really enjoyed our stay here and would definitely return and recommend to others!
Escrita a 27 de janeiro de 2020
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Alejandra dlc
Las Piedras, Uruguai10 contributos
Excelente lugar
jan de 2020 • A sós
Los anfitriones son adorables y su equipo muy servicial. La comida es muy buena.
Un hermoso lugar para visitar. La isla es hermosa, un medioambiente natural e intacto con una biodiversidad única. Hogar de fauna increíble.
Me encantaría volver!
Escrita a 19 de janeiro de 2020
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Greater Perth, Austrália28 contributos
If you love wildlife and wild scenery don’t miss Bleaker Island, East Falkland
jan de 2019 • Casais
Privately-owned Bleaker Island in the far south-east of East Falkland has lovely scenery and excellent wildlife. The island is owned by the Rendell family who provide comfortable, full-board accommodation in Cassard House and Cobb’s Cottage. The island has a long coastline with several rat- and mouse-free islets offshore, and is internationally recognised as an Important Bird Area. Access to Bleaker Island is by air on the Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS) in small, eight-seater Britten Norman Islander planes. Guests are collected from the grassed airstrip in four-wheel drives, and are given a familiarisation tour on the way back to the settlement. There is lots to see and do on Bleaker – wildlife viewing that includes breeding Imperial Shags, three species of penguins, beautiful wild Upland and Ruddy-headed Geese and Southern (South American) Sea Lions in BBQ Cove. We had the extraordinary experience of seeing a male Sea Lion pick up and throw a young pup into the sea – fortunately it survived and the offending male was driven out of the area by the dominant male. We highly recommend Bleaker Island to anyone who loves wild places, wildlife, hiking and fresh air.
Escrita a 25 de fevereiro de 2019
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Houston, TX209 contributos
Must do for wildlife photography
jan de 2019 • Casais
One of the few places where you can see Gentoo Penguins "jumping" out of the surf to get to shore (I could watch that all day) and one of the largest Cormorant bird colonies. Bleaker Island has it all - including rockhopper penguins (with at least one Macaroni penguin); sea lions and tons of birds.

The accommodation is outstanding. There is a main lodge called "Cassard House" with several rooms. This is also where meals are served. There is one other smaller cottage and guests that stay there walk to Cassard House for meals. The food is excellent and they modified meals for guests with dietary restrictions. The lodge is clean, modern, and well built. Small things, like a heated floor in the sunroom, and new double glazed windows are appreciated. I'd say it was the most comfortable stay we had in the Falklands (other than in Stanley).

The wildlife colonies are fantastic. I've not seen a large Imperial Cormorant colony before and it is a 10-minute walk from either house. The Gentoo's, rockhoppers, and southern sea lions are much further - we were able to use one of the 4WD vehicles to get around.

It was sheep round up time (for shearing), and so I enjoyed watching the activities of the farm as well.

I will definitely stay here again the next time I visit the Falklands.
Escrita a 23 de fevereiro de 2019
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Schweiz51 contributos
Ohne Makel
fev de 2019 • Casais
Wunderschönes, helles, freundliches Hotel. Überdurchschnittliche gute Küche bereitgestellt durch Cecilia - einer sehr innovativen chilenischen Köchin! Das Naturerlebnis ist wie auf den anderen Falkland Inseln unglaublich beeindruckend. Eingeführt wird man nach der Landung durch die Landlords.
Escrita a 21 de fevereiro de 2019
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Amesterdão, Países Baixos30 contributos
Highlight of the Falkland Islands
jan de 2019 • Casais
Flying to Bleaker Island in a small Figas plane was an adventure. The Falkland Islands are remote, Bleaker is even more remote. The Rendell family welcomed us at the airstrip, gave us a tour round the island and showed the places where to go. We really enjoyed our stay in Bleaker. The wildlife, quietness, fresh air and remoteness were amazing. The cabin is nice and comfortable. The dinner is served in the bigger lodge. A suggestion for the owners: increase interaction between the different guests by using one table for the meals.
Escrita a 8 de fevereiro de 2019
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Kent265 contributos
I adore this Island and what a way to get there
jan de 2019 • Amigos
FIGAS flight took us over the islands to Bleaker, lucky with fabulous weather. Nick and Mike met us when we arrived and Nick took the scenic route back to our accommodation Cobbs Cottage. The standard of accommodation, hospitality and food was far beyond my expectations. So relaxing. Wonderful wildlife experience and working farm. So pleased to see the sheep being sheared. Spent a wonderful 3 days. I will be back some day.
Escrita a 25 de janeiro de 2019
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Hong Kong, China275 contributos
My Second Visit
fev de 2018 • A sós
This is a good island to visit and that was why I went there for a second time. The lodges there are less expensive than those on Sealion Island but the bad thing is that you have to walk a long way to or from Sandy Beach which is very windy and unsheltered since the lodge only offers a free courtesy drop when their busy work schedule and limited manpower permit. A one-way walk takes about 90 minutes for most people provided that you listen carefully to the local people's instructions on directions and you are not very road-blind. Your cell phones will not be of much help if you get lost. If you want to see more penguins in terms of numbers and species, try to go there before January. Certainly, many tourists do enjoy long walks both ways and if you are one them and you stay on the island for more than one night you may go to all the tourists spots once or some of the more convenient spots for penguins and sunrise and sunset at least twice during your stay. Striated caracaras as an endangered species are common to see within short distances around the lodges. The adult striated caracaras are usually not dangerous to visitors. Do not get close to their nests, chicks and eggs and do walk away from them calmly in some opposite direction in case any of the adult birds keep staring at you. If you do not, you may suddenly find their chicks, nest or eggs are within your sight and it may then be too late for you to protect your head from an adult bird's attack out of a feeling that its family is at risk.
Escrita a 19 de janeiro de 2019
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2 contributos
A superb weekend visit.
dez de 2018 • Casais
After an enjoyable low level flight out to Bleaker due to a low cloud, and a smooth landing we were given a great welcome by Nick. After settling us in he drove us up to introduce us to the Sealions and passed on tips to getting to the Magellanic, Gentoo, and Rockhopper penguins and Cormorants and ran through the history of the island.

Cobbs Cottage was a clean, smart, warm and comfortable base over the weekend for our 2 or 3 daily walks to observe and photograph the wildlife, and their proximity is one of the attractions of Bleaker.

To top it off we enjoyed excellent meals in Cassard House and cannot recommend the overall package more highly.
Escrita a 16 de dezembro de 2018
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