Cave World Adventures (Actun Chapat)

Cave World Adventures (Actun Chapat) - San Jose Succotz

Cave World Adventures (Actun Chapat) - San Jose Succotz
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8:00 - 17:00
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5,0 de 5 bolhas29 avaliações
Muito bom

10 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
out. de 2023 • Amigos
One of the best tours in Belize.
Very close to Xunantunich mayan temple.
So it just makes sense to do this tour, rather than going all the way to another cave which is farther away and less interesting.
Escrita a 15 de outubro de 2023
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rodolfo j
San Ignacio, Belize273 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
mai. de 2018 • Amigos
This cave offers a very special experience of a stunning cave. This a MUST SEE EXPERIENCE for several reasons and should be at the top of your next Belize adventure list. What makes this cave the next run away attraction is its accessibility. A great new all weather road has just been built and it means that it is literally 20-30 minutes drive from San Ignacio!!

The cave itself is full of beautiful ancient mayan artifacts and architecture, stunning caverns and cave formations, a spectacular entrance and the usual rock hopping fun that we associate with so many spectacular caves found in the Cayo district.

However, AC is also has many very unique cave critters that are not only incredible to witness but also endemic to AC. Particular attention should be given to the sensitive nature of these fragile subterranean ecosystems!!
Escrita a 1 de junho de 2018
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Sarah H
Farmington, UT43 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
fev. de 2018 • Casais
(Actually we visited in February of 2016, I just didn't have Tripadvisor then) This cave is on private land, and it was only us, the owner and the fabulous guide. The owner picked us up at our hotel outside of San Ignacio, picked up our guide, and we rode in the back of his truck on rugged roads through the jungle. Our guide Leo explaining the history of the area and the types of plants we were passing and their uses. We then go on a nature hike to a small open cave, with Leo continuing to point out the plants and animals. We continue to the main cave. The entrance is quite ominous and interesting. We enter the cave and spend several hours in it. I don't want to get too specific and give spoilers. We did this cave first, and then ATM. I would suggest anyone to do them in the same order. Great, most informative guide we had, private, would highly recommend.
Escrita a 22 de maio de 2018
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George B
Lewes, UK21 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
jul. de 2017 • Família
Completely understand why this gets the reviews it does. We had the best time with Ken whose enthusiasm for the caves and their history really shone through.

Having seen a review here from somebody who took their five year old, we decided that our six year old daughter could probably make it, and she did. There's a lot of scrambling over rocks,and a few ledges to negotiate, but nothing impossible and no really tight spaces to worry about.

The cave itself is awe inspiring. To think that the Mayan civilisation extended over around three thousand years, but that even that is the blink of an eye when you consider how long those stalactites took to form. To have lunch (yes, those reviews of Ken's wife's burritos are accurate) on an almost lunar landscape beside an ancient sacrificial table was a unique experience. But oddly not spooky at all.

We would thoroughly recommend this experience. Ken was a fantastic host.
Escrita a 23 de julho de 2017
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

Estados Unidos210 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
jun. de 2017 • Casais
We loved Actun Chapat!!

The owner of the land/caves, Ken, will take you on a private tour. He was easy to access via email and responded quickly. He also confirmed the reservation closer to the date. We drove to his office about 8 miles from San Ignacio, but he could potentially pick ppl up staying nearby. We arrived early around 8:30 and took off from there. (Otherwise, we were scheduled to leave around 9.) Note: coming from San Ignacio, the office is just before the ferry crossing for the Xunantunich ruins on the other side of the road. There is room to leave your car at Ken's office and a bathroom, if you need it.

Ken drove us to the cave in his rustic Landrover. The road was an adventure in itself. Super bumpy and uneven (sometimes I felt we were perched perpendicular to the road,) but Ken maneuvered in the Landrover like a pro. We never felt unsafe with him.

Once on his land, you are given a water bottle and then hike a short distance (maybe ten minutes) before seeing the entrance to one cave. The trail continues through a second short, neighboring cave. Ken rattles off facts about the caves throughout the walk as well as pointing out some plants (all spice tree, cinnamon tree, poison wood tree, etc.) and giving everyone a chance to eat termites. There is another ten minute walk before reaching the entry to Actun Chapat.

Ken provides helmets and headlamps for the cave. Actun Chapat is massive. It goes on for miles in different directions. There are parts of it that are unexplored because of it. He gave us a lot of freedom to explore and take our time while still guiding us through and describing highlights. The cave has various caverns that are all quite different.... The height, the width, the flooring, and the formations all varied. After a short time of hiking through, the headlamps are 100% necessary. Otherwise, it is total darkness. Throughout the entire cave-trek, we saw countless pottery fragments, some insects and bats.

The trek ends at a cavern with a skylight. It's there that Ken opens the lunch his wife made for everyone (still hot in an insulated pack that he carried in.) The burritos were yummy and needed fuel for the return trip out. Back at the car, Ken offers another beverage of your choice to rehydrate. We were back in the town and at our car around 3.

Note: You have to be physically fit to get in and out. One has to climp up and down cave openings consistently. While we were there, the ground was a bit slippery in some parts. I was a little sore the next day, although hubby was fine. I am thankful I wore pants (instead of shorts,) but Ken wore shorts and was fine.

Also, you need a daypack with you to carry your water, a snack if you need one before lunch, and maybe some bug spray. No sunblock necessary as your mostly under the jungle canopy or in the cave. The daypack also gives you a place to clip your helmet to during the non-cave hike.

Again, I definitely loved this adventure and would recommend it. It was incredibly interesting and unique.
Escrita a 18 de junho de 2017
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

San Ignacio, Belize151 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
jul. de 2016
This is a very long day adventure. Lots of hiking but the cave is huge! Not much pottery to see, but it was beautiful to be lost inside this huge ceremonial cave, with the only the light of our headlamps to guide us. Makes you wonder how the ancient Mayan did it! :)
Escrita a 3 de agosto de 2016
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

Washington, Pensilvânia311 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
abr. de 2016 • Casais
I have to give my husband credit; he found Belizean Sun Tours and Actun Chapat. Amidst the proliferation of web entries about the ATM cave experience, he found the real gem! An opportunity to explore a cave system full of history and beauty without any of the commercialization or crowding. A personal experience; just us and our guide for a full day of hiking, caving and learning!

After being dropped off on his private land by Ken Dart (whose driving skills on jungle paths, ruts and creek beds will forever impress me) it was just my husband and I and our amazing guide Leo. We hiked for about 45 minutes through beautiful jungle, passing by Mayan walls and road beds as well as Son of Chapat, an active cave systems. We ate termites, learned about jungle trees, fruits and insects and saw examples of Mayan civilization and rituals all around. When we reached Actun Chapat, we began what was for us a six hour spelunking experience. We clamored and climbed through enormous caverns, by breathtaking rock formations and saw countless Mayan ritual sites with pottery, ceremonial blades and even human remains. Leo’s knowledge of his country and his people’s history is extensive and it poured out as we went deeper and deeper into the cave system. The terrain isn’t for the faint of heart. Thanks to the patient and careful guidance of Leo (and the encouragement of my husband) I navigated rock formations and climbed up and around cavern walls that I would have been confident were outside my ability! It was both an experience and an achievement and of all the things that my husband and I did during our stay in Belize, it is the most memorable! I (we) can’t recommend Actun Chapat and the wonderful people who open up its wonders to you highly enough! It was an experience we will never forget!
Escrita a 14 de maio de 2016
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

Boston, MA412 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
fev. de 2016 • Família
We spent a day underground exploring Actun Chapat with Ken (the owner) and Leo, who was a great guide! I loved the fact it was just our family exploring the cave. This is NOT the tour for you if you don't like climbing, rock scrambling and being active all day. The cave itself was beautiful with huge underground caverns. The ride to the cave scared the heck out of me, as I thought we were going to flip, but the kids thought it was a great time! It was definitely a challenge for my 5 year old, but Leo helped get the kids through the tough bits. He was really, really good--very knowledgeable and we enjoyed talking to him all day. We ate lunch under a sink hole where there was light. It was a fantastic day.
Escrita a 5 de março de 2016
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

Olalla, WA101 contributos
5,0 de 5 bolhas
jan. de 2016 • Amigos
The day trip to visit this cave operated by Belizean Sun Tours is hands down the most impressive caving experience offered in the country of Belize. I've poked around at least a dozen caves in the area and the number of artifacts combined from those other caverns can't compare to what you'll experience in this single location.
History and adventure aside, this is also a unique opportunity to be hosted by what has to be a couple of the finest guys to ever don helmets and head lamps!
The caves are located on the property of Ken Dart who's enthusiasm and commitment are unparalleled. Not once while gaping in awe at piles of pottery, fiddling with a camera or lingering over a skeletal remain did we encounter anything other than an attitude of being allowed into someone's private home. In that regard it felt far more like a genuine experience of exploration rather than a tour on a timeline.
From the second you hop into the back of the 'Rover and begin plowing through the tropical forest you know this is going to be a memorable adventure.
Four wheeling, jungle hiking and a cave so expansive there's still areas to be mapped, where else on the planet can we be provided with such a kick in the pants!?
And it just get's better.
Where to begin describing a guide who's knowledge and passion will leave you shaking your head as to how one person has established such a library of information? It's mind blowing. Maya history, geology, wildlife, use and motivation of the people's who employed these caves in a ritual manner. There was not a single topic presented he couldn't expound upon at length. I'd pay good money just to sit in his presence and listen to him speak.
In short, seek these two guys out and be prepared for a day that will stick to your ribs like a hearty meal served up by family.
Escrita a 9 de fevereiro de 2016
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da Tripadvisor LLC. O Tripadvisor verifica as avaliações.

Jim R
Crestone, CO35 contributos
4,0 de 5 bolhas
fev. de 2015 • Casais
This is a fun experience. I wanted to explore a big cave and chose Actun Chapat rather than ATM because so fewer people visited it. We got a private tour by Ken with only a days notice. Ken is from the same state of 'Colorado as we were so we immediately hit it off. The ride out in the old Land Cruiser through the mud and mountains was actually one of the more fun parts of the trip for me. Then its about a 30 minute walk along a jungle trail to the cave entrance which Ken has worked with archeologists to document and explore. Big high ceilinged rooms followed by narrow rock climbs to the next chamber made for some fun trekking. Good thing Kens lights were good as my new REI headlamp just didn't cut it in the dark cave. You get to the end where there is welcomed opening in the roof to daylight and eat the provided lunch. Lots to see and after about 3 hours coming back out into the jungle is like being born again. Takes most of the day so don't schedule much else. Thanks Ken.
Escrita a 28 de fevereiro de 2015
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