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Taco Maya Food Tours

Let's eat tacos and make ceramic !!
Tulum, México
Sobre Taco Maya Food Tours
Hi! I was born in México City (Taco Capital of the World) 37 years ago. Before I worked in an office, a few years ago my life changed and I ended up in Oaxaca learning how to work with clay. After Oaxaca I lived in Ajijic (Jalisco), and then came to Tulum 2 years ago. Since day 1 I looked for the best places to eat traditional food in the region. Im also offer quick ceramic workshops for beginners.
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  • Potter / Taco Lover
  • Speaking of tacos, it is something that comes naturally if you are Mexican. We love tortillas and we eat almost everything with it. If you were born in Mexico City, it's like having a Ph.D. in tacos.
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Excursões e bilhetes do Taco Maya Food Tours
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Descrição geral
In this walk through the Center of Tulum you will taste tacos with stews of the Mayan and traditional Mexican cuisine, you will also know its ingredients and preparation, in addition to touring the streets of Tulum, its history, culture and attractions.

The starting time is at 10:00 am and will last approximately 2.5 hours. The meeting point is at the corner of Av. Satélite and Av. Tulum in the Center of Tulum. We will visit 5 points, unique places to taste food from the Mayan and traditional Mexican cuisine; in some of them you can talk with the people who prepare these dishes. We recommend bringing a good appetite and of course, leave a little space for the best dessert in Tulum. During the walking tour through these 5 points we will visit streets with murals and places of interest for those who visit this town full of life and color everywhere.

At the end of the tour we guarantee, as we say in Mexico: "a full belly and a happy heart" and useful information for your stay.
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