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Sobre Folkes For Tours Jamaica
Nós realmente acreditamos que as pessoas devem explorar o mundo enquanto podem, a vida é tão curta e a vida pode mudar em segundos. Sol, rum, praia, boa comida jamaicana e acima de tudo o povo jamaicano que gosta de compartilhar nossa cultura com todos. Aqui no Folkes For Tours Jamaica, oferecemos tudo isso e muito mais, somos mais do que um serviço de táxi, oferecemos conforto em grande estilo, com o melhor preço e o melhor serviço.
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Excursões e bilhetes do Folkes For Tours Jamaica

Private Bamboo Rafting Adventure in Ocho Rios with Pickup

* travelers will experience a local Jamaican atmosphere which they will meet and greet with the locals . * safety is the first priority for travelers. * hand made bamboo rafts with a licensed tour guide will take travelers of two person a raft though the tranquil rainforest . *Travelers travel down the river on the raft * rafting on the sea shore . * travelers are able to swim in the white river by jumping off the raft ( optional ) .
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1 hour 45 minutes
desde 14,00 US$

Private Tour to Konoko Falls From Ocho Rios

Konoko Falls and Gardens is tranquil and peaceful with a relaxing sense of mind kind of tour.

All ages will enjoy this tour, the younger group will be fascinated with the waterfalls while the older group will love and appreciate more of the botanical garden with a wide variety of flowers and fishes in the fish ponds. Every one can enjoy the bird sanctuary where you can feed all different type of bird. If you are a lover of the wild the Konoko falls and garden has cages with snakes, iguanas and a crocodile pit for your viewing.

This tour will be loved by a family group, couples and also accessible to people in wheel chair.
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2 hours 30 minutes
desde 24,00 US$
30,00 US$

Dunns River Falls Private Hiking Tour from Ocho Rios

The experience of the Dunn's River Falls is a must. You will be hiking a mountain as the cool spring water flows towards you as you venture through the rainforest to the top of the waterfalls with fun friends and family at every step on the way to the top.
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2 hours
desde 10,00 US$

Private River Tubing Adventure in White River from Ocho Rios

Our private tour begins at the top of the white river which includes two tour guides normally one in front and one river guide at the back when going down the river.
The tour will take 45 minutes and your driver will be waiting at the end of the tour at the bottom of the river.
Some parts of the river is lazy and gentle while some parts of the river will accelerate rapidly but very safe.
An unique tour due to peaceful rainforest that you will explore going down a natural river with the most informative and friendly river guides.
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1 hour 30 minutes
desde 15,00 US$

Private Transfer from Montego Bay Airport To Ocho Rios

Travelers transportation is always one hour early for airport pickup, drivers are always uniformed, very informative and polite. Safety is our first priority.
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1 to 2 hours
desde 96,00 US$
120,00 US$

Private Tour of Bob Marley House from Ocho Rios

Bob Marley tour gives travelers a chance to live the life of the legend and icon of reggae music. Experience the adventure of driving through the mountain side which you will enjoy along unbeaten paths of the countryside. You'll also have the chance to meet and greet with the Jamaican people.
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3 hours 30 minutes
desde 54,00 US$
60,00 US$

Private Tour To Blue Hole From Ocho Rios

Travelers get to meet and greet with the locals. Shop at the craft or flea market. Stop at the local fruits market. Overlook the entire town of Ocho Rios from the mountains. Get your feet wet in the white sand beach. Jerk Chicken stop at the best Jerk Center. Have the fun of your life at the Blue Hole. Duty-Free shopping. Travelers are transported in a clean, sanitized and comfortable bus with music and refreshments while you’re tour guide keeps you entertained with the history of Jamaica and its people.
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3 hours
desde 40,00 US$
50,00 US$

Private ATV Dirt Adventures From Ocho Rios

You will experience great outdoor fun in the mountains while riding ATVs down the hills and valleys of Jamaica. Get muddy with a thrill and feel safe at the same time.
If you are an ATV bike lover come ride along with us on this 2hour 30min experience, we will be waiting for you!
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2 hours 30 minutes
desde 47,00 US$

Horse Back Ride and Swim Adventure from Ocho Rios

Travelers will enjoy a guided tour through the rain forest on horse back, as well as a local Heritage tour , each horse has its personal guide that is licensed and knowledgeable.Travelers will ride and swim in the ocean by the sea shore on horse back. Safety is always the first priority for our travelers.

After a little time on the beach, travelers will ride pass the jewels resort and if you are experience rider the guides will let you speed a little on your own on a small track on the horse on the way back to the bus where your driver awaits. Travelers will enjoy a comfortable and sanitised Toyota Hiace for their own privacy and convenience which gives passengers enough room for social distancing that can fit 10 persons with music and micro phone for travelers entertainment.
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2 hours
desde 24,00 US$
30,00 US$

Private Transport from Ocho Rios to Bamboo Blue Beach

Travelers will be transported in a clean, sanitised, and comfortable bus with a knowledgeable tour guide that will educate travelers about the history of the island. Buses are fitted with music, microphones, and refreshments for travelers comfort. Travelers can enjoy the beautiful Bamboo Blue beach with white sands and clear blue sea water, beach chairs, umbrellas and cabanas are available on the beach for travelers comfort, there is free WiFi, food and refreshments if you are in the mood for some jerk chicken .
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3 hours
desde 8,00 US$
10,00 US$

Private Blue Hole, Tubing and River rafting combo from Ocho Rios

Travelers are transported to Blue Hole,Tubing and Rafting in a comfortable Toyota coaster bus that fits 20 passengers comfortably with enough space for social distance and a Toyota Hiace will fit a group 10 passengers with comfort and is very clean sanitized with music and microphone for travelers entertainment.
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4 hours
desde 48,00 US$
60,00 US$

Private Transfer From Kingston Airport to Ocho Rios

Safety is our first priority so vehicles are sanitized and travelers' hands are sanitized before entering the bus. Transportation buses fit 15 travelers comfortable with suitcases, with music and microphone for travelers' comfort. Drivers are always happy and cheerful and will give travelers a history of the Capital city of Jamaica, Kingston.
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2 to 3 hours
desde 350,00 US$

Roundtrip Private Shuttle from Ocho Rios to Blue Hole and Back

Travelers are transported to the Blue Hole in a comfortable Toyota coaster bus that fits 20 passengers comfortably with enough space for social distance and if it’s a group of 10 persons a Toyota Hiace will fit comfortably and is very clean, your bus is fitted with music and microphone for your entertainment to your tour.
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2 to 3 hours
desde 19,00 US$

Private Tour to Luminous Lagoon From Ocho Rios

Travelers can enjoy a comfortable sanitized Toyota Coaster bus that comfortably accommodates up to 20 people and if there are 10 or fewer people, a Toyota Hiace will accommodate passengers with enough space for social distance, where all hands will be sanitized upon entering on buses, music and microphones are fitted in buses for travelers' entertainment. The guides will keep guests knowledgeable about Jamaican history and people. Upon arriving at Luminous Lagoon, guests can enjoy a live fire show, local Jamaican restaurant while waiting to embark on their tour of the Lagoon while the bus waits in the parking area.
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1 hour
desde 60,00 US$

Private Nightlife Transfer Around Ocho Rios

Safety is our first priority at all times so travelers can feel safe and comfortable.

Transportation is always clean and sanitized and equipped with sanitizer so guests can clean hands at all times.

Drivers are always 5 minutes early before pickup time so they're always on time and are familiar with all nightlife experience so they can give good recommendations.

Transportation vehicles can take 1-20 persons. Cars can fit up to 4 persons, Toyota HiAce van fit up to 10 comfortably and coaster buses can fit up to 20 Travelers comfortably. Travelers will experience a beautiful night life of the town of Ocho Rios that never sleeps on the way to the most popular entertainment spot in Ocho Rios the Margarita ville which will capture the heart of the party lovers of people,dancings ,the best mix drinks and good music.
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1 to 4 hours
desde 25,00 US$

Private Transfer to Ocho Rios Restaurants

This is a private transportation in a clean sanitized and comfortable vehicle with music, bottled water, and candy available. Transportation is always on time with a polite and professional atmosphere. Drivers are familiar with all restaurants and grills in Ocho Rios.
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1 to 2 hours
desde 20,00 US$

Dunns River and Blue Hole Private Tour from Ocho Rios

Travelers will be picked up in a clean, sanitised and spacious bus with enough room for social distancing. Buses are fitted with music and microphone for travelers entertainment and comfort. Safety is always our first priority and the best foot is always put forward to satisfy our customer. Drivers and guide are always polite and educational.
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4 to 5 hours
desde 39,00 US$
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