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15 avaliações
Muito bom

Ormskirk, UK18 contributos
jun de 2021
This is a personal review based on my own experience earlier this week (just for the record as it is my guess that the owner of the business - Nora Carlow (Nora de Leeuw) may try to squawk liable etc. etc.)

I booked the Horse Jumping Bootcamp as it sounded excellent! Right up my alley as I normally / regularly do lots of flat work on horses ranging from a thoroughbred- Lusitanos and also a schoolmaster from time to time and I don’t jump much.
3 intensive lessons per day on a range of horses covering a vast range of jumping scenarios sounded great - I paid for 5 days- what could possibly go wrong?

Everything. It was shocking. I left after two days.

At least I got 60% of my money back but as any horsey person knows - it’s not about the money- it’s about having a wonderful time and our passion for horses.

Anyway- here we go.
The horse I was given could not (for me) maintain a canter into or out of a jump. I asked the instructor what I was doing wrong and she told me it’s not me it’s the horse. He is green / inexperienced and he had only recently started schooling in canter.
I could kick him harder .....
I contacted the the owner of the stables and was told lots of people, indeed - herself and her daughter and lots of happy boot camp customers have cantered that horse (Harvey) over jumps.
I asked for the manager or a member of staff to meet me and show me the horse jumping .....

I was told by the owner that she was was afraid she did not think it is appropriate that they should have to demonstrate their horses on demand!
My response was - Of course you / your manager or a member of staff should demonstrate a horse that you said can canter a course of jumps but your instructor says can’t.
- I didn’t get an answer to that statement - and no one rode the horse to show me he could indeed canter round a course of jumps .....

When I asked for another horse the instructor told me that the other horses were not rideable!!
When I brought this up - the owner babbled on about me not being given another horse for health and safety reasons/ the other better horses were not safe for my ability / all health and safety blah blah ... but let’s take a closer look at this .... even if the instructor was totally lying to me about the other horses not being rideable (I believe the words were old lame or not on the company insurance) - I clearly meet and exceed the level of riding required for the course.
In fact, the instructors - a different one each day - were actually complimentary about my riding and ability - so why is poor ‘Harvey the Green’ the only horse available for a rider at my level? Odd for a riding bootcamp offering intensive lessons on a range of horses for people just like me don’t you think?

Back again to Harvey - the course is advertised as 3 intensive jumping lessons in a 3 hour period. At the cost of £79 per 3 hour session - insert your own definition of intensive but I can tell you it is far too much for one horse - the poor lad was dripping in sweat and had his nose virtually to the floor when I cooled him down. On both days he was the only horse I was given to ride. In the 25 degree heat in the hottest June we have had in years ....
How many of you horse lovers out there would be happy with that?
For the record I gave him plenty of rests and certainly didn’t boot holy sh*t outta him to get him over the jumps but there you go. Not good.
So I left after two days.
The only other riding horse available was a 16 year old mare and was being ridden by another client who only wanted to walk.

Just a total let down.
I am sure the hacking is great, the horses I saw seemed lovely and well cared for by the two very professional staff I met ( I won’t even go there about the manager - remember that word shocking!) - but if you book a jumping boot camp - well you have been warned...
And we are not seeing lots of lovely reviews from happy bootcamp clients on here are we?
It is not my intention to start a war of words with the owner of the stables- the Executive Dean of the Facility of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Leeds University (honestly- you couldn’t make it up!) but in the spirit of Trip Advisor - you have my review and you have a little bit more information to help you decide where you wish to take your riding holiday.
Escrita a 20 de junho de 2021
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Buckingham, UK1 contributo
dez de 2020 • Família
The staff have been insulting rude to both myself and my husband and refuse to give me my money back, they are holding £170 of my money after not even informing me of their policy’s!

DO NOT BOOK they are dishonest and unfair.

I was so excited to book a confidence boosting course and as by their website directs you straight to email booking it does not inform you that the payment is non refundable. They have been so rude unprofessional and unreasonable given we are in a global pandemic I cannot attend my booking and they have refused to give my money back with no empathy whatsoever for the current circumstance which I think show everything about their ethos as a company and people. They have just decided to keep my £170 ...disgusting
Escrita a 6 de fevereiro de 2021
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Hereford, UK210 contributos
Friendly and helpful staff.
nov de 2019
Excellent lessons for my grandchildren by a empathetic but very knowledgeable teacher. The children are looking forward to going again soon. Thank you for being so encouraging to them.
Escrita a 16 de novembro de 2019
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2 contributos
OMG brilliant place to go, and you MUST
set de 2019 • A sós
On the off chance called up to see if they had availability, managed to get a 40 minute ride for the next afternoon.
Having never ridden before I was a little nervous, however that all went away as soon as I stepped into the yard. All the staff I meet where friendly and made you feel at ease right away, seemed to know exactly what they where doing, and very patient with me. Had such a fabulous ride, and even stayed a while for look round and meet all the horses, and wow what a wonderful bunch they have. All really happy and healthy looking and lots of room for them all.
Will defo be back next year for a boot camp, can’t wait, never thought I’d love it so much until I came here.
Escrita a 13 de setembro de 2019
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.
Thanks for your message, very glad you liked your ride with us - and our horses!
Escrita a 2 de outubro de 2019
Esta resposta é a opinião subjetiva do representante da gerência e não do TripAdvisor LLC.

1 contributo
1 hour hack in the forest of dean, great experience.
ago de 2019 • A sós
Had a lovely experience on a hack on a horse named Apple, I was very nervous as hadn't ridden for a few years but she was a lovely gentle horse to ride. The lady leading the ride was lovely and kept checking back to make sure we were ok and giving pointers etc. A lovely way to get back my love for horse riding. The only thing I would advise is not to go on a hack like this if you cannot ride as even though I can ride, it was still nerve wracking going up and down the hills in the forest. It was amazing though and I cant rate it enough ❤
Escrita a 30 de agosto de 2019
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.
Thanks for your message, glad you enjoyed your ride with us! You are right that this sort of hack is for riders with some experience, although we also have gentler/shorter hacks for absolute beginners.
Escrita a 2 de outubro de 2019
Esta resposta é a opinião subjetiva do representante da gerência e não do TripAdvisor LLC.

Braunton, UK5 contributos
Please read carefully, Do Not visit
jul de 2019
Me and my girlfriend booked a 50 minute hack with the stables to start at 5pm. My girlfriend being a professional show jumper and me being a complete novice we thought it would be nice whilst on holiday celebrating my 21st to get me into riding in a relaxed environment with the advertised 'Forest of Dean Scenery'. We turned up and the hack escort was there, she made little to no effort with conversation or safety or instruction and seemed more interested in the phone calls she was receiving and appeared to be in a rush to get back as she kept going on her phone throughout the hack and leaving us behind. She failed to tell me how to mount the horse, tack it up, direct it correctly, stop it or make it move. We continued anyway with my girlfriend telling me what to do. We proceeded to go on a hack down windy country lanes where I could see nothing other than the tops of overgrown hedges. We spent the entire time on the road (which was a national speed limit road) there were cars behind me and I had had no instruction, in my opinion very dangerous. We then approached a field they were harvesting and there were combines in the field, we were then told we would have to go on a shorter hack of 30 minutes and proceeded to turn around and go back to the stables as the horses might not be able to go past although the response from the business owner was 'they are bomb proof horses' no such thing, a person with equestrian knowledge would know, since they are flight animals and react to any stimulus. I was annoyed as it was a special day and all I had seen was the hedges and been in danger on the road. I proceeded to write to them in a polite manner to express my complaint to the company just to see if they could explain what had happened and if we could sort something out so they could make it up to us or live up to their advertised business which is 'Forest of Dean' 'Stunning scenery'. THE RESPONSE was where this became a joke, threatening fake legal action about reviews (need to the their research, there is a freedom of speech act), arguing with me and basically talking down to me like I was very small. I have attached the screenshots of the conversation to this review so people get a better picture of what happened. It is unlikely they will get read but people should be aware of what they are like. Further to this a few nights later, as we were staying next to the riding stables we took a walk along the public footpath past the horses fields. The welfare of the horses is very bad indeed. Grass that was far too long, full of weeds and very uneven and would inevitably cause laminitus. Lack of fly masks and dangerously placed water buckets and poor quality fencing. All in all I think the business should be shut down and anyone that could invest in this knowing what the owners are like and the welfare of the horses is like should be ashamed. RSPCA should be involved soon. Do not visit, if you do please make sure its to shut them down.
Escrita a 12 de agosto de 2019
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.
Just like to set some of the facts straight on this message: First, we are fully licenced by the Council and inspected annually, which includes both the condition, health and welfare of the horses and the general conditions of the stables, manege and fields. We have always passed the annual inspection with flying colours, being particularly complimented on the excellent condition of our horses. Your insinuations as to the welfare of our horses and state of the riding centre are clearly incorrect and amount to libel. Second, our fully qualified and experienced member of staff was not on the phone during your hack, as her mobile phone record clearly shows no activity during that period. I am baffled what you mean about tacking up and teaching you to ride. You booked a hack, not a lesson and the horses were tacked up by ourselves and ready for your hack, although we do provide some instruction about holding the reins etc. If you had wanted to learn to ride properly or tack up, you should have booked a riding lessons or a horse care and stable management session. As to safety, our horses are fully used to traffic of all sorts - cars, buses, tractors, lorries, motor bikes and push bikes - and our safety record is exemplary, as could be confirmed with our insurance company. However, the agricultural activities happening on that occasion were out of the ordinary, heavy machinery working near the road and spraying bits of crop and dust over the road. Your ride escort therefore decided that for the safety of both riders (yourselves) and horses, you should take a different route. This was indeed our shorter, 40-minute route - NOT 30 minutes as asserted in your message. However, as a measure of goodwill you were only charged for the 30-minute route and in addition were offered another full 50-minute hack to be taken at another time of your choosing, again at the discounted 30-minute price. As the agricutultural activities were not of our making and the safety of riders and horses has to come first, there was really not much else we could do on the day and charging you a discounted price and offfering another discounted hack is really the most we could possibly have done. You write about wishing us to 'make it up to you', but in my modest opinion that is exactly what my member of staff did - charging you less than what you actually received and offering you another hack at another heavily reduced price. As to the route itself, it is a relatively short ride, but does include a short off-road stretch of woodland and in addition has absolutely stunning views from horseback towards the wooded hills of the Forest of Dean, as well as over rolling farmland all the way to the Welsh mountains. I can honestly say that you are probably the first person who has not been positively impressed by the glorious views on one of our hacks. Finally, in your very first message to us you immediately threatened to write a bad review of your experience, which in my opinion does not constitute writing 'in a polite manner'. As to Freedom of Speech, I'm afraid that does not include making unevidenced and unfounded defamatory and libellous comments, even less so publishing those on an open and publicly available website. I can assure you that I was not threatening FAKE legal action. The reputation of our business is a serious matter and we take any unfounded reviews like yours very serious indeed and will take action, if necessary.
Escrita a 20 de agosto de 2019
Esta resposta é a opinião subjetiva do representante da gerência e não do TripAdvisor LLC.

Vanessa S
Redhill, UK17 contributos
Great ride out in the Forest
abr de 2019 • A sós
I returned to Greenacres last week for another hack having been once a couple of years ago. As I have since been having regular lessons I went for a 1.5 hour hack and really enjoyed it. The weather wasn't on our side so didn't get the fantastic views I'm sure are there from high up in the Forest. My horse was very well behaved even when she detected some boar in nearby bushes although it did mean we had to turn back and change our route to avoid any upset! Loved it, will definitely return.
Escrita a 13 de abril de 2019
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.
Many thanks and glad you enjoyed your hack with us!
Escrita a 20 de agosto de 2019
Esta resposta é a opinião subjetiva do representante da gerência e não do TripAdvisor LLC.

Worcester, UK49 contributos
Small but very friendly
nov de 2018 • A sós
Booked an assessment lesson with June as I am have just relocated to the area and needed to find a new yard to continue developing my riding. I was given a very friendly welcome on arrival and told I would be riding Bonnie, a great confidence giver. As a regular rider I said I didn’t mind who I rode but confidence in the saddle is not one of my problems so the lovely June tacked up Taurus who was a slightly more advanced ride and off we went. I loved my assessment lesson, June had me cantering poles within about 15 mins so it was certainly different from the ploddy, directing traffic lesson I had expected. I initially booked another lesson but have since decided that this will be my go to place for hacking instead only because I can’t commit to the a regular day at this time and June only teaches 2 weekdays. A little gem of a yard.
Escrita a 12 de novembro de 2018
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Cleobury Mortimer, UK2 contributos
jul de 2018 • Amigos
3 friends and I went for a 2 hour hack and had an amazing time. We we are all competent riders and the catered with our ability well with going for a few lovely canters through the forest on lovely horses. We had a laugh from start to finish and would defiantly return 😊
Escrita a 11 de julho de 2018
Esta avaliação é a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Cheltenham, UK160 contributos
Friendly yard for all riding abilities
mai de 2018 • Casais
My partner and I have ridden at Greenacres for 3 1/2 years, hacking out at least twice a month for 2/3 hours a time. They are a friendly team who cater for all abilities from lessons for beginners, adults or children, or for the more experienced, hacks or lessons to improve flat work or jumping. It's great finding a small yard who have horses that are a pleasure to ride out, we have brilliant hacks with Nora,the owner around the stunning Forest of Dean.
Escrita a 28 de maio de 2018
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